Desember 2015 – Chamber News







A meeting was held between the Mokopane Business Chamber, Dept of Traffic and Emergency, Mokopane SAPS, Col. Malebane, CPF Chairperson Mr Andy Goetsch, and Ward Cllr. Yolande Coetzee.

The new Department head of the Traffic & Emergency Mr. Marcus Mtombeni was welcomed and we wished him all the best with his new task.

The following matters were discussed:

  1. There is a Municipal Bylaw which will be enforced when the SAPS Mokopane or Dept of Traffic & Emergency is contacted by the public, regarding peace disturbance and they will attend to the matter as agreed upon. Patrols will be done more in the vicinity of the KFC in Thabo Mbeki and Van van Rensburg hall during evenings and weekends.

The Municipal Bylaw (section 21) states: “No person shall disturb the public peace in a street or public place, or on private premises by making noises or causing them to be made by shouting, quarrelling, fighting, singing or playing any type of musical or noise creating instrument or gramophone or by means of a radio, loudspeaker or similar device or by riotous, violent or immoral behavior.”

Contact Details: Traffic & Emergency: 015 491 4444
SAPS Mokopane:015 409 1418 / 1419 / 1420 or 081 505 9340

  1. The Dept of Traffic and Emergency will investigate the possibility of traffic cameras in town as well as safety cameras.
  2. The Chamber of Business is mostly concerned about the lawlessness in town. There are too many traffic violations and criminal offences taking place currently.

Traffic and SAPS confirmed that they will be more visible during the festive season and the public are

requested to respect the law in this  regard.


  1. The unallocated and unlawful hawkers are still a major issue according to the Business Chamber. Other Municipal districts and offices will be contacted of possible solutions.
  2. The unlawful use of the taxi patrol vehicles was discussed and further action will be taken
  3. Taxi loading bays were requested by the Chamber to alleviate the need for vehicles to stop in the traffic lanes to load or offload passengers.
  4. Trucks unloading goods and blocking one lane of traffic, especially with forklifts, will be attended to.

The meeting was closed with a request that this becomes a monthly meeting between the relevant stakeholders.




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Indien u telefoonnommer of adresverkeerd is in die huidigegids of as u ditwilveranderkan u onskantoorkontak by 015 491 8458.

Onsversoekasbdatbesighedewatniemeerbestaan of personewatverhuis het se nommersook by onsaangemeld word.  Dis belangrikvironsom die gids so akkuraat as moontliktehou.



The Membership fees for 2016 are as follows:


Small Businesses – R900 (1 – 50 employees)

Large Businesses – R2700 – (50 – 100 employees)

Corporation – R3220 – (listed JSE companies)

Non-Profitable – R452

Individual – R452


If you pay your membership fee before the 28th February 2016, you pay the same fees as 2015.



Small Businesses – R860 (1 – 50 employees)

Large Businesses – R2580 – (50 – 100 employees)

Corporation – R3070 – (listed JSE companies)

Non-Profitable – R430

Individual – R430





Neemasbkennisdat die Besigheidskamer kantoorgesluitsalweesvanaf 15 Desember 2015 tot

04 Januarie 2016.








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