Januarie 2016 – Kamer Nuus






Dit is alweerverkiesingstyd. Mokopane Besigheidskamer se algemenejaarliksevergaderingvind op 25 Februarieplaaswaartydens ‘n aantalbestuursledeverkiesmoet word.  Alleopbetaaldelede (m.a.w. ledewiehullidmaatskap reeds vir 2016hernu het) word diegeleentheidgegunomvirhulgenomineerdekandidatete stem.


Daar is ‘n aantalvakatures op die bestuurskomiteewatgevulmoet word.  Die sakegemeenskap word versoekombelangstellendepersonewie ‘n bydrae tot die bestuur van die Besigheidskamer kanlewer, tenomineer.


Nominasiesmoet by die Besigheidskamer kantoor (Thabo Mbeki 40, 1ste verdieping van die Hyundai gebou) ingedien word voor 23 Februarie 2016.


Die besonderhede van die vergadering is as volg:


Datum:  Don, 25 Februarie 2016

Tyd:       18:15 vir 18:30

Plek:          Die Honey ball, Hoogestr 127

Borg:     BlouSterFinansiëleAdviesdienste (Sanlam)


Spreker: Rico Honeycomb, Sanlam BesigheidsontwikkelingBestuurder – Implimentering van Belastingharmonisering en hervorming van pensioenfondse.


RSVP:        Mokopane Besigheidskamer voor 23 Februarie 2016. Tel: (015) 491 8458 (vanaf 8:00-13:00), Faks: (015) 491 8460










Die bemarkingvir die advertensies in die 2016 Diens &Ontspanningsgidsis volstoomaan die gang.  Allebelangstellendepersone is welkomomMev. Sandra de Graaf van Maximum Marketing tekontak by 015 491 8028 / 082 693 9741.

Indien u telefoonnommer of adresverkeerd is in die huidigegids of as u ditwilveranderkan u onskantoorkontak by 015 491 8458.

Onsversoekasbdatbesighedewatniemeerbestaan of personewatverhuis het se nommersook by onsaangemeld word.  Dis belangrikvironsom die gids so akkuraat as moontliktehou.



The Chamber of Business hosted a tour around town on 20 January 2016 where the Municipal Departments accompanied us to problem areas that was submitted by the community.


General Remarks

A number of people did not receive the recycle bins, but are very interested in using it, as it is a very good initiative from the municipality. We request the municipality to use the media to inform the people where and when they can receive the bins. Residents are willing to collect these bins at a certain point, most of the residents are working and were not at home, when these bins were delivered



  1. The main road from Polokwane near the Game Breeding Centre does have a big pothole in the left hand lane.


  1. Hawkers Corner – Ruiter Rd: This area is in a terrible condition. There are a great number of waste bins overflowing with waste. The smell around that area is not suitable for the people selling food, and is a serious health risk. The request is to clean the waste bins, and that Safety and Security look into this matter as well as water and sanitation. The trees are being used as toilets. There are also complaints of drug dealing. This area must be properly utilised.


  1. The entrance to Boxer in Nelson Mandela drive is not safe for the people going to do shopping. The Security dept will look into it.


  1. There is a person who stays under the bridge in Pretorius Street on the way to the industrial area. He is an illegal squatter and a threat to the people of Soetdorings. He is also cutting down some indigenous trees and makes fire under the bridge. We are concerned about the safety of workers and the structure of the bridge because of his actions. This matter will be attended to.


  1. Animal waste opposite abattoir: This empty premise is a health risk and a dangerous building, because it is falling apart. Mr Pieterse from the buildings dept will follow up on this issue.


  1. Corner Simmentaler and Bonsmara streets: The pavements are used by a Granite company as a dumping site. There is an open water hole since last year, with lots of rubbish on the opposite side of the road. This is dangerous because it is so overgrown that people can’t see it. There is also a tree on the corner which causes a problem with visibility from Bonsmara Street.


  1. Sewerage spillage and water leakage under the bridge in DuduMadisha Street. Lots of water is spilling from a pipe. There is also sewerage spillage in the river.


  1. Taylor Street: The open erven at the Taylor and van Riebeeckstr is very unsafe. There are complaints from the community that people are being raped and robbed in the bushes. The chamber requested the municipality to clean the stand, so that there is no place for criminals to hide.


  1. Ext 19: there are lots of waste in the open land and lots of cattle walking freely in this area. The waste is a health risk and the cattle a danger to drivers of vehicles. Traffic and Security will look at the problem and make sure that these cattle in town will be taken to the pound. If there can be street lights in that area, it will be safer for workers going home. There are daily hundreds of workers using that road to come to work and back. It is a very dark area after sunset.


  1. Corner Van Riebeeck and Van Heerden streets are a storm water drain that has collapsed and is causing a danger.


  1. At Silver Palms is a water leakage and repair work that was not completed. Lots of material used to repair is still on the pavements.


  1. At the Post Office is a big hole in the road since last year. This can cause accidents and is a danger at night, because it is not marked clearly.


  1. Corner of Van Riebeeck and Ruiter Road. Lots of money was paid to pave that area for trucks turning there. Since December there is a problem and it cause problems with the traffic. Trucks use the right hand lane and the turn to the left. People unaware of this problem keep on driving in the left hand lane, and then all of a sudden realise that a truck is trying to turn to the left in front of them. This is a very busy and dangerous corner.


  1. The storm water drain at the corner of Hooge and Van Riebeeck streets at the IEC building is also a problem.


  1. There is a request that the bulk waste bins in Hooge Street on the pavement opposite Spar must be cleaned daily. It is overflowing with rubbish and is a health risk. The pavement where these bins are is in a terrible condition and must be looked at.


  1. The old Stadium – Fourie Street. This building is not only in a bad and dangerous condition. People use this for illegal activities and then make a big noise. The condition inside the building is terrible. This building is on the list for our tour around town since we started with this tour.


  1. The old swimming pool on the premises of Dept of Public Works: This is a problem for the past few years. It is a dangerous place where the pupils of Mokopane Primary play after school, while waiting for transport. There are also incidents of learners using the stones to through at vehicles passing by. The Municipality must please engage with the Dept of Public works and ensure that the area is safe, by either putting up a fence or demolish and clean the area.


  1. Corner Thabo Mbeki and Geyser streets. There is no fence between the main entrance to the town and the Dept of Public Works premises. The pavement is in a bad condition and storm water drains (5 of them) are damaged.


  1. The pavements are in a bad and condition in Totius Street at the Waterberg FET College. The students are using the road to walk in. It is a dangerous situation because of pedestrians using the road as you turn into Totius from Thabo Mbeki.


  1. At the corner of Totius and Hoogestreet are 3 x storm water drains broken.


  1. The old Tennis Courts at the Van van Rensburg Hall is in a bad condition. The Chamber suggest that the area must be cleaned and that the municipality can then invite schools in the outline areas to make use of the courts for training purposes .


  1. Fourie Street: There are grass and trees growing in the street. The pavement is not even visible.


  1. Park Street 45: the empty stand is a property of the municipality that is used as a dumping site by the people in the area. We request the municipality to clean the stand; people will not dump rubbish in a clean stand.


  1. The surface of Koper Street is still in an even worse condition than on previous tours. Promises of resealing are made on every tour.


  1. New area in Chroom Park (Nylpark) where the old airfield was is in a terrible condition. We only went into LlekaLekalakala Street and saw trees and grass growing in the road, water leakages and open stand where the electricity boxes were vandalised. This is the latest development of the town and the tar roads looks as if it is one of the oldest developments.


  1. Water leakage Kruger 67: It seems to be from the swimming pool of the resident. Mr Pieterse suggest that the resident be contacted and inform of the problem.


  1. Corners Thabo Mbeki and Voorstreet: storm water drain broken


  1. The pavement in Thabo Mbeki at Waterberg Pharmacy is dangerous. People fall into that hole and hold the businesses in the area responsible for their injuries. It is because of a leakage from the roof. This must be looked into.


We wish to thank the Municipality for the opportunity to go through the town and look into the problems and complaints received from residents and members of the Chamber.



The Membership fees for 2016 are as follows:


Small Businesses – R900 (1 – 50 employees)

Large Businesses – R2700 – (50 – 100 employees)

Corporation – R3220 – (listed JSE companies)

Non-Profitable – R452

Individual – R452


If you pay your membership fee before the 28th February 2016, you pay the same fees as 2015.



Small Businesses – R860 (1 – 50 employees)

Large Businesses – R2580 – (50 – 100 employees)

Corporation – R3070 – (listed JSE companies)

Non-Profitable – R430

Individual – R430


















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