Mokopane Chamber of Business

MOKOPANE CPF (Community Policing Forum) CLASSIC CAR DAY Saturday, 11 JULY 2015



09:00 TO 14:00

The CPF is the communication committee between the public and the SAPS

Come to the Classic Car Day and enjoy the cars, Food stalls and talk to the CPF Committee members on how we can work together to prevent crime.









Dear Member

As 2015 gets under way, I would like to wish all businesses in our community a very prosperous and profitable 2015.

The Chamber of Business in Mokopane continues to work towards our vision: To be the representative voice of local business, to create a conducive environment and to enhance member’s interests.

Although there are a number of businesses that are members of the Chamber of Business in Mokopane, we would like to encourage more businesses to join us, so that the first point of our vision can be fulfilled:

“To be the representative voice.” We are pleased with our membership, but are striving to include more businesses in order to make for a bigger, more diverse and more effective voice in the community. Please assist us by encouraging businesses with which you transact, or which you respect to become members as well.

The second portion of the vision statement is to: Create an environment conducive to doing business in.

The management committee had decided that for 2015, our main focus will be working with the municipality to improve their services to our community. During the crises time at the Municipality the Chamber stepped in to clean up the streets. We also tried to assist members with queries and problematic situations which occurred. Meetings were held with various role players regarding the upgrading of the sewerage systems, roads, storm water drains and traffic controlling.

The third part of the statement reads: To enhance member’s interests.

We would like to remind you of some of the efforts that we are involved with in order to encourage your continued support.  In short a summary:-


  1. Meetings will continue with the appointed Municipal Manager, where matters regarding our

businesses, roads, water, electricity, sewerage, safety and security and future planning of our town will be discussed and addressed. We have quarterly Tour around town wherecomplaints from the community are shown to the municipal manager and his different department managers.


  1. We are represented on the CPF (Community Policing Forum). Where we have a monthly meeting with the SAPS, Station Commanders, Crime Prevention Staff, Municipal Traffic Departments, Provincial Traffic Police, Security Companies and the Business Community.


  1. LED (Local Economic Development) where our management members are planning for

development of our area with the mines, the municipality and the corporate businesses in our area.


  1. We update, print and distribute the yearly Service & Recreational directory for the benefit of our

business community.


  1. Every year the Chamber award prominent business persons for their contribution towards town.


  1. Corporate golf days will once again be held where members will have the opportunity to display and market their business to the full extent.


  1. Bimonthlymembers meetingswhere guest speakers inform us of business opportunities and information. We have chaired problemsolving sessions that result in outcomes that could only have been managed to businesses best interest as a collective voice. An example of such was when we have the electricity load-shedding and we are able to communicate the times to the business community.


  1. We are affiliated with SACCI (South African Chambers and Commerce Industry) and AHI

(Afrikaans HandelsInstituut) where all business related matters are discussed and distributed to members

These are just some of the many essential matters that we are working on a daily basis to improve the business climate that we operate in.  We therefore encourage your membership which is necessary for us to continue. We encourage you to bring your problems to our attention so that we as a Chamber can be handle them as a strong united group.

To this end we encourage you to renew your membership for the 2015 year.

Thanking you


Mr. Piet de Bruyn